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THE RIGHT SPOT is an Urban Spa X Art Gallery on a mission to make everyone feel like it’s simply


On the menu:

  • Massages: Foot Massages | Pressure Body Massages | Sports & Lymphatic Massages | Custom-Blend Therapeutic Oil Massages

  • Nails: Toxin-Free Manis & Pedis with soft gels

  • Waxing: Above the belt | Below the belt | Everything in between


The goal is simple - to bridge the gap between upscale spas offering over-the-top services and at the other end of the spectrum, the cheap and often times questionable chop shops. This niche has been the sweet spot for THE RIGHT SPOT.


A little real-ness on why we’re different (and better!) than any other player in the biz:

THE RIGHT SPOT - the “anti-spa” beauty bar concept - to offer efficient yet impeccable services. executing literally thousands of impeccable services ever week. you might say we’re are really. We’ve put an incredible amount of effort and investment into making sure that our massages, nails, and waxing services are the best around.


We’re located in central – we understand no one wants to spend half the day getting monthly beauty maintenance services. that’s why THE RIGHT SPOT® focuses on efficient services, while maintaining service excellence.

Come in + out, and leaving looking awesome…..walk in…strut out.


THE RIGHT SPOT® is not the kind of salon that cuts corners or hits you up for every single extra.

our services are peppered with little extras (for example an aromatic foot bomb with every foot massage or a complimentary organic cup of tea to add to your treatment

the goal: everyone should leave feeling like they got some mega bang for their bucks!



We understand we can’t please everyone. Either you love us or hate us, we’re trying our best but we’re not perfect…. give us your feedback and tell us how to do better…. it’s the only way we can improve.


Right Location? Right Ambiance? Not the Right therapist?

Massages are very personal – we have many different therapists to choose from – all with different styles. Let us know if this wasn’t the right match.; we’ll make sure we try to understand your needs and find the Right One for you!

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